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Truck Defender


USA Freedom Diesel built trucks with billet transmissions,custom turbos,custom exhaust systems,injectors,fuel upgrades ext!!!call for more info 500+hp


        $23,999.00 obo takes it 600+HP!!


USA FREEDOM AUTO SALES is pround to anounce one of are own trucks!

First come first serve!!!!!

2004.5 dodge cummins diesel 4x4 crew cab long bed laramie built with some of the best high performance parts!!

Below are the parts that we added at about 110k miles!


*New Bosch injectors with 90hp USAFD NOZZLES $2550.00

*Truck Defender bumper made out of air craft aluminum with reciever in front $2100.00

*Rear steal bumper $450.00

* Torque Lift Bumper Pull Reciever is set up for pulling over 17k pounds $1100.00

*Valair dual disc clutch with new hydrolics $1799.00

*New Industial Injection Silver Bullet 62 $1795.00 will easly support 650hp and great for towing and daily driving!

*Fass Fuel system part# HD D08 150G Good upto 850hp $650.00+ dollars

*Magnaflow 5" stainless steal turbo back exhaust system $500.00+

*AFE Mega canon air filter with pro gaurd 7 filter and dry flow both $450.00+

*CFM+ Intake with ports $350.00

*seat saver seat covers $350.00+

*Custom floor mats $

* goose neck hich and rails ect $500.00 or more in value!!

* Rubber bumpers for large loads $150.00

Grand total of exstras $12,444.00 plus



We run Amsoil full synthetic in the motor, trany, and diffs ect.

The reason for sale is this is my dads truck and he can't shift a sick shift anymore because of a bad hip! are loss your gain!

There is some dents and dings and scratches that you can see in the pictures. and the only thing that's broken is the handle the puts the seat back on the drivers side. other than that everything works great. the inside of the truck is in good shape. We just spent 179.00 on a detail!!

Please feel free to contact us any time at 406-728-3939 or cell number are 406-370-6009 ~Isaac or 406-880-4076 Randy

The only thing missing to make over 600hp is there's no tuner or chip on the truck or gauges! We did have a edge juice with monitor but it went bad!! If you do want a chip I will add it to the  truck at cost!!!

ATTENTION: I don't think this truck will last long at this price!!!